There are 274 measurable outcomes that form the foundation of The InvestiGator Club Prekindergarten Learning System. The outcomes, or standards, are a comprehensive list of skills that most young children should be able to learn before they start kindergarten.


Recognizing the interconnectedness of emotional, social, cognitive, and physical development, the standards in this learning system are organized into ten critical domains of learning: language development, literacy, mathematics, science, creative arts, social and emotional development, approaches to learning, physical health and development, social studies, and technology.


Instruction in The InvestiGator Club Prekindergarten Learning System is scaffolded, providing opportunities and support for children to build knowledge over time, which allows them to have a deeper understanding of concepts and a broader level of experiences.


The InvestiGator Club aligns with and supports:

•    State standards
•    Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework
•    NAEYC accreditation standards
•    NAEYC and IRA joint position statement
•    No Child Left Behind, Early Reading First
•    NAEYC and NCTM joint position statement
•    National Science Education Standards


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