Putting Research Into Practice


The latest research in how young children learn has validated many of our most time-honored classroom practices - story time, shared writing, learning centers, and dramatic play. It has also created a new sense of urgency for educators committed to giving all children the experiences and skills they need to be successful learners.


The InvestiGator Club provides everything the research says a good program must include:

  • oral language development
  • support for second-language learners
  • a print-rich environment
  • quality children's fiction and non-fiction books
  • rich, in-depth and integrated content across all domains
  • "best practices" in literacy
  • opportunities for problem solving
  • early math and early childhood science processes
  • individualized instruction for reaching all learners
  • provisions for social-emotional growth
  • ongoing assessment tools
  • staff development



The research says a good program must include:



Here's where to find it in
The InvestiGator Club:


oral language development explicit lessons, menus of activity choices, puppets,
Oral Language Cards
support for English learners ELL suggestions, Oral Language Cards, Center Cards, puppets, Dilly and friends Read Along CD, eFlapboards Learning Software
print-rich environment interactive environmental print posters, daily reading and writing, suggestions for adding literacy to centers and activities, Investigation Station
in-depth content across domains inquiry-based investigations
"best practices" in literacy for early readers and writers daily phonological awareness activities, Flapboards, Dilly and Friends Lapbooks, literature, center ideas, explicit lessons, alphabet activities, Oral Language Cards, shared writing
problem solving Flapboards, Investigation Station
math and science processes daily math and science activities, Magnetic Math Board, Magnetic Numbers and Counting Strips, center ideas, Flapboards, Investigation Station, math literature
reaching all learners suggestions for inclusion and differentiation for kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learners as well as advanced learners and three-year-olds,
Adaptive Learning Kit components
provisions for social and emotional growth InvestiGator Club members that build character through Dilly and Friends Lapbooks, puppets, and Flapboard stories
assessment ongoing integrated assessment choices and an Assessment and Intervention System
professional development Investigation planners, Assessment Record and Lesson Planner Software, Teacher Resource Guide, web site, Monitoring Tool, implementation, webinars

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