About the Program


About The InvestiGator Club


The InvestiGator Club is a culturally rich, fully integrated preschool curriculum that focuses on ten critical domains of learning, including literacy, math, science, social studies, oral language, and creative arts. Children are taught basic readiness skills, such as the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors, and they are also encouraged to experiment, build structures, appreciate fine art, sing, dance, and engage in dramatic play.

The preschool program uses engaging stories, charming characters, and children's own curiosity to motivate them to think, solve problems, communicate, and investigate their world. The curriculum focuses on social and emotional needs as well as physical abilities for young children. Great care is taken to ensure that adaptations and suggestions are offered to accommodate a multitude of special needs. The teaching approach emphasizes interactive learning and invites the entire family to get involved.


Components, lessons, and activities in The InvestiGator Club are the results of extensive classroom testing, teacher input, and the latest early childhood research. Written by teachers for teachers, each Teacher Guide offers flexible lesson plans with built-in staff development features. Teachers can teach the way they want, knowing that they are meeting key national standards and learning goals for pre-K.



The InvestiGator Club provides everything the research says a good preschool curriculum must include:


  • oral language development
  • support for second-language learners
  • a print-rich environment
  • quality children's fiction and nonfiction books
  • rich, in-depth and integrated content across all domains
  • "best practices" in literacy for early readers and writers
  • opportunities for problem solving
  • math and science processes
  • individualized instruction for reaching all learners
  • provisions for social-emotional growth
  • ongoing assessment tools
  • staff development
The InvestiGator Club aligns with and supports:

  • Early Reading First
  • Head Start Child Outcomes
  • NAEYC/IRA Joint Position Statement, "Learning to Read and Write: Developmentally Appropriate Practices for Young Children"
  • Selected state guideliness














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