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About the InvestiGator Club
The InvesiGator Club - InvestiGator Clubhouse

The InvestiGator Club is a brand-new club for young explorers! It's made up of a colorful and endearing cast of animal characters led by Dilly Gator and her friends Rosalita Sausalita, Manny Salamander, Chuck Wood, Bruno Buzzbee, Great Auntie Lu, and JT Gator. The characters all live in Dilly's World, which includes Triangle Beach, Circle Forest, and City Square. Club members accompany Dilly and her friends through a series of escapades and adventures that lead them to investigate and learn about their world.

The InvestiGator Club theme song tells the story: Hear the InvestiGator Club Theme Song

One day, Dilly Gator and her little brother JT Gator went on a hike with Auntie in Circle Forest. They came upon a big oak tree that looked just like a giant stretched up from the ground. Dilly had an idea to build a tree house, so she gathered all her friends to build one in that tree. When the house was done, they all climbed the tree house ladder and turned to look below. They saw the big wide world and all there was to find and think and make and do, and INVESTIGATE! So they formed the InvestiGator Club and turned the tree house into their clubhouse. And so the story begins. . .
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