Young children are born scientists and explorers. Naturally curious, they want to know about the world and their places in it. The InvestiGator Club™ Prekindergarten Learning System taps into this sense of wonder, while also deepening children's knowledge of themselves and their world. "Purposeful Inquiry," the heart of The InvestiGator Club, challenges children to use their senses, to ask questions, and to find the answers in a safe, supportive, print-rich environment.


By using Investigations rather than themes, active rather than passive learning takes place. Children are engaged in the process of learning and discovery using the same steps as real scientists. In The InvestiGator Club, children use the scientific method:


  • Look and Ask—observe and look closely; sort and organize materials; ask questions

  • Try It and Try Again—predict and hypothesize; experiment, test, and explore to test ideas and predictions 

  • Think About It—record results; communicate findings

  • Make Meaning—apply the information to a larger experience


Children use all of their senses to learn about their world—seeing, touching, smelling, listening, and tasting. Promoting inquiry and discovery allows children to take the lead and use all their special energies for learning. In doing so, children develop a healthy self-esteem and begin to understand all the important contributions they make each day as they learn and grow.











Current research states that young children " every domain of science should have the opportunity to use scientific inquiry and develop the ability to think and act in ways associated with inquiry."




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