Everyone loves a good story, and that is where this yearlong curriculum begins —with a story. Six delightful characters, the InvestiGators, have formed a club to solve mysteries, tackle tough problems, and investigate their world.

Many adults will agree that positive childhood experiences with stories live on in their memories. Children are never too young for rich literacy experiences whether they involve reciting a rhyme, singing a song, reading a bedtime story, or telling a family tale.

An early introduction to reading and telling stories develops a child’s love of books and simultaneously fosters an endearing relationship between the storyteller, the child, and the story characters. Through story, a conversation between the child and the characters begins.

Stories also open new worlds to children by providing gateways to exciting characters, settings, and experiences. Through stories, children are transported to the forest or inside a special clubhouse. They can join a character on an adventure, learn how to build something, or discover how something works.

Story-sharing offers opportunities for children to express their thoughts and feelings about the situation in the story and relate it to their own life situations. When children are involved in the experience and become part of the story, the possibilities are endless. 

The InvestiGator Club transforms traditional story time into a dynamic learning experience that stresses:


  • active participation by children as they "help tell the story"
  • prediction opportunities with instant feedback
  • problem-solving and reasoning                                              
  • vocabulary development
  • empathy for familiar characters





















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