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How many children per classroom is the curriculum designed for?
You need one system per classroom, regardless of the number of children.


Do I need to purchase more materials to supplement the program?
The curriculum includes everything you need to implement the program. Because this curriculum is 100% aligned to the Maryland criteria, it is not necessary to supplement with other materials. Activities in the program do use regular classroom supplies and materials that are not included.


Will I need to purchase more curriculum materials next year?
The system includes 25 Family Welcome Guides that will need to be ordered each year as needed.


Are worksheets for the students included?
The InvestiGator Club does not use student worksheets.


Does the program include online assessment or lesson planning?
The program includes a variety of lesson planning, assessment, and intervention tools, but they are not online at this time.



Our teaching staff is very experienced. Is the program flexible enough to allow for modifications or the addition of other resources.
Absolutely! This program has built-in flexibility within the structure. For experienced teachers, there are choices available for every time period in the day, or teachers can simply substitute their own favorite activities or resources for those that are provided in the Teacher Guides. For new teachers, volunteers, and paraprofessionals, there are structured plans that provide the research behind the activities and lessons.



Is there an option for faith-based programs?
Yes. Investigate God’s World provides a faith-based supplement to the core program that is woven throughout the lessons.


My preschool has Jr./Transitional Kindergarten/PreK5. Which InvestiGator Club program is best suited for that program?
Kindergarten Investigations with STEAM would be best suited for your transitional kindergarten class. This program has all of the components needed for children ages 4 and 5 preparing for kindergarten.

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