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Get Ready For Kindergarten!


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Put on your backpacks! It's time for Camp InvestiGator, where you can give children a jump start on kindergarten by meeting key standards in all learning domains. The kit includes 20 daily lesson plans and materials to meet the typical summer school schedule, including full or half days of instruction and assessment. This program is also appropriate for intervention and family day care programs.


What's Inside?

The Get Ready for Kindergarten! box includes the following materials:


InvestiGator Club Online Membership
Math Board
Teacher Guide
Counting Strips (11)
Dilly and Friends Stick Puppets (7)
Foam Numbers (20)
Dilly and Chuck Wood Lapbook
Los Pescados Peña Art Print
Dilly and Great Auntie Lu Lapbook
Hippopotamus Art Print
Bruno's Buzz Nonfiction Reader Mud Pies (6)
Dilly's Music and Movement CD
Bruno's Buzz Nonfiction Reader
The Shopping List
Let's Investigate! Flapboards and
Flap Fillers
Oral Language Cards (64)
Dilly's Alphabet Show Lapbook

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