As an administrator, you are accountable—to parents, staff, state and local agencies, and most of all, to the children in your program. Everyone counts on you to ensure that the children in your program are safe, sound, and making progress. In addition to providing a great environment and engaged teachers, you must make certain that the curriculum you select is comprehensive, research-based, and proven to deliver positive child outcomes.


Selecting the curriculum for your program is just one of the many important decisions you must make. At Robert-Leslie publishing, we take that responsibility seriously. We’ve done the research. The authors have developed the InvestiGators Club® to make accountability and implementation a breeze by ensuring that all of the bases are covered through a through a comprehensive and integrated curriculum.


The InvestiGators Club includes clear Teacher’s Guides and great materials that chart a year-long path to school readiness. When the curriculum is implemented as designed, you can rest assured that the 3 and 4 year old investigators in your program will be ready to meet accountability standards, including many of the state preschool standards, the Head Start Outcomes Framework, and most state QRIS standards. The curriculum is designed to make certain teachers know how to take their students through the thoughtfully developed scope and sequence ,which has proven to achieve positive child outcomes.


But, as serious as it is to meet all of the accountability requirements, The InvestiGators Club, was also planned to be fun. We want the preschool years to be inspiring. The InvestiGator s Club provides the guidance and materials teachers need to encourage children to use their innate curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. As the children progress through this fun, inquiry-based, and hands-on curriculum, they build the skills and approaches to learning that will help them succeed in school.


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