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Get Ready for Kindergarten! Summer School

Get Ready for Kindergarten! Summer School, p cropped



Put on your backpacks! It’s time for Camp InvestiGator, where you can give children a jump-start on kindergarten or first grade by meeting key standards in all learning domains. This is a stand-alone program or may be combined with STEAM and Literacy Challenge for use in Transitional Kindergarten programs.

Program features include:

  • 20 daily lesson plans to meet the typical summer school schedule, including full or half-days of instruction and assessment.
  • Online Investigations to supplement the basic program.
  • Basic kindergarten readiness skills.
  • Appropriate for struggling readers entering first grade in the fall.
  • Dual language and differentiation ideas to meet all learning needs.
  • Compact size and affordable price for family daycare and homeschoolers.

Also available in Spanish.


  • Stick Puppets
  • 2 Dilly and Friends® Lapbooks
  • 2 Bruno’s Buzz Nonfiction Readers (6 each)
  • Oral Language Cards
  • Dilly’s Alphabet Show Lapbook
  • Alphabet Cards
  • Investigate Math Kit
  • 2 Creative Art Prints
  • Dilly’s Music and Movement CD
  • Let’s Investigate! Flapboards® and Flap Fillers®
  • Teacher Guide