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Junior InvestiGators™ Transitional Kindergarten




Junior InvestiGators™ Spanish is a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate Spanish curriculum designed for Transitional Kindergarten. TK classrooms are offered for older four-year-old children and younger fives who are not able to attend kindergarten due to birthdates and state guidelines for enrollment. TK offers a modified curriculum that is developmentally appropriate, bridges the gap between preschool or pre-K and kindergarten, and provides young children with a strong foundation for learning.

Junior InvestiGators Spanish systematically combines The InvestiGator Club Prekindergarten Learning System Spanish with kindergarten literacy and STEAM skills. The integrated program offers a transitional year of purposeful play and participatory learning focused largely on children’s social and emotional development, with the foundational skills needed to transition to either kindergarten or first grade at the end of the additional kindergarten year.

The Junior InvestiGators Spanish curriculum offers intentional instruction in 274 skills in ten domains of learning, including kindergarten foundational skills in literacy and math.


  • The InvestiGator Club Prekindergarten Learning System Spanish
  • 100 Spanish Leveled Readers A-E
  • STEAM and Literacy Challenge Teacher Guide
  • Junior InvestiGators™, aa p cropped

    Includes 6-year digital subscription

    Junior InvestiGators™