Program Authors


Joellyn Cicciarelli

Early Childhood Curriculum


Ms. Cicciarelli has taught and developed programs at the preschool and elementary levels since 1987. She has authored more than 30 children's books as well as many award-winning curriculum materials. She was part of the editorial team for Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and Don MacMannis, musical director of Jay Jay the Jetplane.





Beth Alley Wise

Early Childhood Curriculum



Ms. Wise is the author of more than 50 books and programs for young children. For the past 25 years, she has been instrumental in the creation and production of nearly 150 highly acclaimed educational products and was part of Disney's creative development team. She served as a primary specialist, headmaster, and school administrator.






Senior Program Advisors


Drs. Sharon Landesman Ramey and Craig T. Ramey

Early Childhood Development and Research


Drs. Sharon Landesman Ramey and Craig T. Ramey are the founding directors of the Georgetown University Center on Health and Education. Dr. Sharon Landesman Ramey holds a dual appointment as the Susan H. Mayer Professor of Child and Family Studies and as Professor of Psychiatry at Georgetown University. Dr. Craig T. Ramey also holds a dual appointment at Georgetown University as a Distinguished Professor of Health Studies and Psychiatry. Collectively, they have authored more than 400 scientific and educational articles and books, including Right from Birth and Going to School, which were the basis for two award-winning public television series. They each serve as frequent consultants, advisors, reviewers, and keynote speakers on the topics of early child development, families, parenting, school readiness, children’s disabilities, school adjustment, effective prevention and treatment programs, and public policy related to children and families.




Advisory Board



Program Advisors


Dr. Timothy Shanahan


Early Literacy and Assessment


Dr. Shanahan is professor of urban education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he is also director of the UIC Center for Literacy. He was president of the International Reading Association, 2006 - 2007, and was a member on the White House Assembly on Reading and the National Reading Panel. He also serves on the board of the National Family Literacy Center.





Dr. Lynn Hartle

Mathematics and Technology


Dr. Hartle is an associate professor of Early Childhood Education at the University of Central Florida. An early childhood director, teacher, and highly respected researcher, she co-authored two books on early childhood education. She currently serves as the president of the Technology and Young Children Interest Forum of the National Association for the Education of Young Children.







Sarah Sprinkel


Social and Emotional Development and Family Involvement


Ms. Sprinkel is Director of Elementary Education for Florida Virtual School. She previously served as the vice president of YMCA Child Development in central Florida and is the former senior director of Early Childhood and Community Outreach for Orange County, Florida. Ms. Sprinkel is a national keynote speaker on brain development and early reading and serves as an advisory board member for Head Start and the Florida Network of Family and Parent Education.





Program Consultants


Lucille V. Barrera




Ms. Barrera is an elementary science supervisor for the Houston Independent School District. She has been a K-2 science teacher and has served as a science curriculum developer and co-author for major educational publishing corporations.






Dr. Denise Bennerson




Dr. Bennerson is a professor of education with the University of the Virgin Islands. She also serves at the Virgin Islands Institute of Child Development and the Department of Education, St. Croix, Virgin Islands. She is an author and presenter at national conferences on the topic of children with special needs.





Dorothy Creegan


Family and Community Involvement


Ms. Creegan has been an early childhood educator, supervisor, and school administrator for more than 25 years. She is the director of program administration for Long Island Head Start and is currently an early childhood coordinator. She also serves as an accreditation validator for the National Association for the Education of Young Children.





Dr. Sandra Mercuri


English Learners


Dr. Mercuri is a professor of education at Fresno Pacific University in Fresno, California. She serves as Bilingual Education and TESOL programs director, has taught students in elementary, secondary, and higher education, and has trained educators nationwide. She is a published author on the topic of instruction for English language learners.



















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