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To celebrate World Read Aloud Day, we want to share with you the first book in our new InvestiGators™ COMICS seriesStarring Chuck Wood™ is all about kindness and sharing. If you use any of the InvestiGator Club® Learning Systems or Dilly’s Tree House™ Family Engagement, you will have access to all seven of these new COMICS as they are released on the Digital Platform this spring. These adorable social-emotional stories are perfect for building emerging reading skills and they are FUN! You can use the Starring Chuck Wood™ COMIC with the lessons and activities in the Under Construction Teacher Guide or Investigate Building Guide to build phonological awareness and concepts of print.

Fill out the form below to access Chuck Wood’s comic book about sharing, problem solving, and kindness. “The More We Get Together” is a great song for singing and dancing to celebrate friendship this month. Click here to listen and download a printable copy of the song lyrics.

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