InvestiGators™ COMICS Series

Starring Manny Salamander™

If you know anything about Manny Salamander, you know that he loves soccer. Manny and Dilly have fun playing together every day, but like most young children, sometimes they have a hard time taking turns. In this cute comic twist on the Manny and Dilly story, the two friends learn to solve their problem and take turns.

Summer should always be a time for laughter and adventures for young children. The world can be a heavy place, but warm weather, water play, and sunshine have a way of shining brightly on longer days. We can make those days even better.

Grab and share a giggle. Since taking turns is an essential social skill, we invite you to download and share this free preview version of the new InvestiGators™ COMICS, Starring Manny Salamander.

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