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InvestiGator Rosalita Sausalita™

Rosalita Sausalita® is Dilly’s best friend. They may not look a lot alike, but they go together like peanut butter and jelly. Rosalita likes to teach Dilly and her friends Spanish words. She’s a city girl, and she loves museums, theater, and especially, fashion. Rosalita is a fantastic dancer, too. Her favorite kind of dance is ballet. A wiz with computers, Rosalita knows just what to do when the club has a technology jam.

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Let’s Color Rosalita Sausalita™

Can you color Rosalita Sausalita™ to match her picture above? Have some fun and give her a new look by changing her outfit and sandal colors!

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Sing and Dance

Children can sing along with Dilly and Friends® as they dance, clap, snap, and move to the lively rhythms and playful melodies.Click on each title in the player below to listen to the song. Then click on the titles to the right to see the lyrics and download a printable copy of each song.

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