Phonological Awareness
May 20, 2022

I Think I Can! Developing Confidence with Phonological Awareness

One of the biggest challenges preschool teachers face is trying to balance age-appropriate academic rigor with the need for kids to just be kids. Preschool should be a place where children begin their academic journey. Young minds are capable of grasping advanced concepts, and parents want you to challenge their children and set them up for success in Kindergarten and beyond
March 18, 2022

Get Ready for Kindergarten! Summer School: Rhyming Words

Teaching Preschool requires multitasking at its finest. At any given moment you might be celebrating one child’s masterful block tower, consoling another child’s frustration with zips and snaps, and simultaneously coaxing yet another child to come out of their shell and participate with the group. It’s miraculous work at times, but there’s nothing quite so rewarding.